About Kyoshi

Kyoshi John Atkinson, began his life long quest for excellence in the Martial Arts at age 6 when he followed his four older brothers to the local Judo club. He studied Judo and Ju-Jitsu and later ventured into wrestling to compete at a provincial level for a number of years. Finally with the guidance of his brother and Sensei he found Kempo Karate. (John’s brother, a 9th degree Black Belt and 5-time middle weight Canadian champion

in fighting was the creator of the Black Belt Institute currently presiding over 15 martial arts schools. He has devoted 44 years to his field and is currently a senior member of the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association.) John’s competitive career began and his life became simple…..sleep, eat, train martial arts.

Mr. Atkinson competed at an international level winning hundreds of championships and becoming 4-time Canadian Champion in Sparring. He was voted in Canada’s top ten fighters of all time. He was ranked number one by the North American Sport Karate Association and Professional Karate League in katas, weapons and fighting and received hundreds of awards, trophies and medals for his excellence in the field. Always seeking greater knowledge and skill, he trained with the highest ranked Kung Fu Master in Canada, Grandmaster Sigong David Chong, Founder of the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association (CKKA). Kyoshi also trained with martial arts historian Pat McCarthy and Ron Yamanaka. Mr. Atkinson has also attended seminars by martial arts legends Professor Wally Jay, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Chuck Merriman and Vince Morris just to mention a few.

Certified by the World Martial Arts Congress and Canadian Karate and Kung Fu Association, he is an 8th Degree Black Belt, Vice President of the World Martial Arts Congress, Senior Board Member of the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association (CKKA) and former member of the Yudansha Kobujitsu Karate-Doh Federation (YKKF).

In the early eighties he realized his true passion was teaching and training. He trained numerous champions in point fighting and was the Coach of the Canadian Junior Sparring Team. He is the developer of such programs as AWARE, a self defense program for woman and developed a bully proof program for kids. He turned his attention to building a new breed of Black Belt Champions. He also began studying the psychological side of Peak Performance and added proven success principles. That concept has led to an entire Life Skills Curriculum that is designed to influence a students’ attitude, behavior and character.

Mr. Atkinson’s students have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this new format and continue to train with greater intensity and expertise, while gaining a higher level of personal growth and development.